Welcome to Hand of God Ministries

Our core values (c.on.n.e.c.t.)

“C” Celebration

(John 10:10)

“Life More Abundantly” We are called to celebrate Jesus and His goodness in expressions of thanksgiving and praise. We celebrate the unique grace that is on each of us, and celebrate diversity, by confirming each other and not trying to conform each other to anything except God’s image. We value relationships and having fun.

“O” Outreach

(Matt. 28:19-20)

Two thirds of God’s name is “GO”, we hold as a core belief that reaching outside of ourselves keeps us fresh and life producing. As a church we were never designed to be stuck behind four walls, but are called to “GO” and have a positive effect on the workplace, the arts, politics, education, media, neighborhoods and all facets of society.

“N” Networking

(Eccl. 4:9-12)

We all need each other; we are not an island to ourselves. We realize that we may be a certain tribe in the nation, but we will endeavor to work with and not against the other tribes, and we refuse to enter in tribal warfare. We are one in Christ. One Body.

“N” Nations

(Acts 1:8)

Having a missional heart and a love for the nations of the earth is why we have been empowered by the Holy Spirit. We will also value every dollar given and be faithful stewards to bless the nations, knowing that God

“E” Empowered

(John 1:12)

“The power to become,” is a value that we hold dear. We will not condemn anyone for failing; but help equip and empower to become the best that they can be for the Kingdom of God, their family, and community. The teachings and services will be uplifting and empowering, helping everyone by discovering their destiny, while learning to serve the destiny of others into their God Purpose.

“C” Covenant

(Heb. 13:20-21)

Having a covenant heart is essential to our walk with God and each other. We will value Relationships above Rules and choose to grow in Agape love one for another by serving each other’s destiny. We will be a new covenant church called to empower and set people free, rather than put them under legalism and bondage. We will be able ministers of the new covenant of Grace, with accountability.

“T” Transformational

(Acts 17:6)

“They that have turned the world upside down have come here too”. Our main purposes for gathering is to corporately celebrate Jesus, and to be transformational in our thinking. We must first transform the hearts and minds of men and women to believe that we are here to affect every culture of society. We are the salt and the light called to be the change agents of the Kingdom of God on the earth.