Welcome to Hand of God Ministries

Who Are We

What is the Hand of God?

—Biblically speaking, the Hand of God is a place of Honor, Power, Privilege and Authority.
—Through Jesus Christ redemptive work, He has raised us up and seated us in the greatest position in the universe; at the right Hand of God!

Community Engagement

Hand of God Ministries is ground-breaking ministry that is community focused. Through a new 501 C3 organization, HOGM will build the community through various initiatives and services.

Community Development Corporation

—P.A.P.A.S. (Pick a Place and Start)

—Minstrel’s School of Music and Performing Arts

—Financial Literacy

—Resume, Cover Letter, and Employment Services

—Seeds to Success

—P.A.P.A.S. Housing

—After-school Café

—Computer training Programs

—Healthy Youth

—Cultural and Economic Revitalization

—Educational Empowerment

Where do I Fit?

—Connect to God through prayer, lifestyle and whole hearts

—Connect through people

—Connect through commitment to house of God  attendance

—Connect through Seed (financial support: tithes/offerings/alms)

—Connect through Service

—Connect through Submission

—Connect through Sacrifice